colour palettes – 6 colours

Palette 11 > Yellows and orange from warm combined with greys and blue from cool.The light blue and sunflower orange and yellows are the centrepiece of this palette.

Palette 12 > Pink from mixed, black from neutral, and yellow from warm combined with blues from cool. Blues palette can be cool with accompanied by the light yellow and pink.


colour palettes – 5 colours


Palette 7 > Green from mixed, yellow from warm, grey from cool combined with black and white from neutral. It is a harmonizing group.

Palette 8 > Blues and purple from cool combined with pink from warm. When purple accompanied by blues, it can easily pops up the passion of purple in a palette.

Palette 9 > Yellow from warm and browns from neutral combined with greys from cool. Dark chocolate become a good background colour with decoration of orangey brown, yellow and lighter greys.

Palette 10 > Blues and grey from cool combined with yellow from warm and brown from neutral. Blues and yellow palette is a neutralize combination. Lighter grey and orangey brown can create some lighting in this palette.

colour palettes – 4 colours

Palette 3 > Pink from warm, and blue from cool combined with black and white from neutral. The pink with white combination is 50s flavour.

Palette 4 > Red and yellow from warm combined with grey from cool, and white from neutral. Yellow against red create an eye-popping looks.

 Palette 5 > Grey and blue from cool combined with black and brown from neutral. Cool and neutral palette can create a calm environment.

Palette 6 > Browns and sepia from neutral combined with blue from cool. Browns with cool blue palette can neutralize the background.

colour palettes – 3 colours

Palette 1 > Orange from warm with blues from cool.Orange-blue create an opposite attract when orange or the medium blue used as accent.

Palette 2 > Black from neutral combined with yellows from warm.Add black between yellows can make them each stand out.

pastel colours in eLse

Pastel Set


Actually i’m quite lazy to write a new post. But i can’t wait to show everyone the 24 pastel colours will be appeared in eLse world.

They are divided to 4 colour categories, which are neutral, warm, cool and mixed. Every colour category has 6 colours. This 4 different categories come out with different colour palettes. Players can pick the colours in the pastel sets by refer to the provided colour palettes to paint their objects and place the painted objects into eLse world.

*The pastel set at above is paints by real-life pastel and then scan into PC for polishing.*

Sneak Peak of ELSE engine!

Since My artist keep showing off her models in picture, I trying so hard to push something on the engine to at least can show something up here! Who said a programmer can’t draw, we draw with text! Here we go!

One MOST MOST important thing for ELSE engine to be meaningful is…PASTEL painting effect. After around 10 hours of hardcore coding (although 50% of time wasted of failed experiment) I finally can come out something which Min Bee say “NEAR PASTEL” painting effect.

Before implementing the function for pastel effect, there is one thing to be fix – player mouse input delay. In short, this happen when a player move mouse pointer very fast while painting will cause unpainted area between 2 painted point, this is solved with simple Line drawing algorithm. During the process, I screen shot one special picture :

Below is the first successful scene with pastel painting effect on it. UI is not appealing? Yeah, no worry, Min Bee going to release some OUTSTANDING UI soon!

Pastel Painting effect with pixel lighting

More and more feature of engine will reveal soon… as long I have spare time like this. Back to code.